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01 Our services

Testing and development of CNC tools
CNC Tools
Cooling and lubricating liquids
Degreasing and cleaning products

02 About us

2o years of experience
We have many years of experience in the automotive and engineering industry of leading Czech, European as well as global companies.
We mainly draw on our own work experience from positions such as Machine Inspector, Production Technologist, Chief Production Technologist, Chief Technology Officer - Surface Specialist and Pretreatment of the VISTEON WORLDWIDE multinational automotive corporation, as well as the positions of technical and executive director of the engineering and manufacturing group.
We are responsible for setting up technological processes, production of technological procedures and related documentation, incl. prescribing auxiliary means of production, designing new workplaces, and continually improving existing technology with regard to capacity, production portfolio and cost minimization.
We participate mainly in foreign technical fairs, we follow technological trends and determine the direction of development in the area of ​​its competence.
We believe that our experience, as well as contacts, can help you to further your development, technological progress and, last but not least, considerable savings.
Certified professional
We were studying in the field of metallurgy and material engineering at VŠB TU Ostrava, or the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, the study program of surface treatment in mechanical engineering, we are holder of certification No. 230 / 2011-02.
We work with you
Our basic pillar is listening to the wishes and requirements of the customer and striving for effective solutions. Our goal is to maximize the customer's process and technology vision. We would never achieve this without firm commitment, diligence and dedication to the field. But above all, we would not have been successful without you - our respected customers. Your satisfaction is our greatest courage and inspiration. Thank you for choosing us as a partner of your engineering processes.

04 Latest projects

Degreasing and cleaning products

Al and Al alloy degreasing solutions, complex process setup

CNC Tools

Solutions of CNC applications of the process of production and modification of cast steel molds (complex process adjustment including program characteristics)

Cooling and lubricating liquids

Coolant inlet solution incl. type development of coolant

Testing and development of CNC machines

Development and application of prototype CNC tools (cost reduction by 32%, surface quality improvement and workpiece properties)

05 You ask us

Frequent questions

How much time do you need to solve certain procedural issues?

It is very individual, we can offer you the solution and setup of your process in the order of hours, or it is more complicated and the solution will also require the question of weeks. After our initial process analysis, we will inform you about the time horizon and the process.


How much do you charge for the initial process analysis?

The initial process analysis is completely free of charge, we take the costs, after the process analysis, including the SIX SIGMA project, we will design and introduce you with the possible solution, savings calculation and any future costs for the correction and efficiency of your process.


Why should we order any merchandise and products at your disposal and not directly from direct producers if they exist?

Very simple, because we represent a wide range of product types of leading manufacturers, with whom we closely cooperate and we also participate in their development and technical specifications, we have very interesting price bonuses, for which the direct producer can not sell from the economic point of view either.

Nowadays, we are already trying to partially produce our own products.


When is it possible to start cooperation?

The cooperation can be started immediately after contacting us by online form, e-mail or by telephone of our helpline, then we will determine as soon as possible the possible term, or we will offer a prompt term of the solution according to the mutual agreement, the character and the importance of your request.


Are you authorized to sell and manufacture chemical products?

Yes, INDUSTECH CZ, s.r.o. is authorized to sell and manufacture chemical substances and chemical mixtures according to Trades Licensing Act No. 455/1991 Coll.
David Bartek's CEO is a holder of both a university degree and an appropriate education and practice that enables us to do this, including the production of hazardous chemicals and mixtures and the sale of chemicals and mixtures classified as highly toxic and toxic.
There are, of course, a large number of companies in the Czech Republic who do not have this right, but they still deal with these activities, which is, of course, in contradiction with the legal regulations of the Trades Licensing Code, where they pose a considerable risk to both themselves and their customers.

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